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GSM cellular tech vulnerable to $15 eavesdropping hack

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GSM is the standard digital technology that allows us to make calls worldwide. But what we assume is secure has actually been proven insecure by researchers who demoed an easy way of eavesdropping on encrypted calls and messages.

Although the government can easily hack into a cell phone using a $50,000 network sniffer, these researchers determined that there was an easier and cheaper option: a $15 hack that almost any Joe Shmoe could do it. Scary.

All it takes is four $15 phones as network sniffers, a laptop computer, and a few readily available open source software solutions.

GSM cellular technology vulnerable to $15 eavesdropping hack“GSM is insecure, the more so as more is known about GSM,” said Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs.

“It’s pretty much like computers on the net in the 1990s, when people didn’t understand security well.”

Basically the researchers pieced together all of the GSM security flaws highlighted in the past to create one superhack for easy eavesdropping.

At the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Congress earlier this week, Nohl and OsmocomBB project programmer Sylvain Munaut described to the audience how the researchers patched together the hack.

He explained that GSM networks use subscriber location data, which allowed the researchers to narrow down the area in which the cell phone user resides.

Once they’ve determined the general areas, the hackers drove around the area, sending the target phone “silent” or “broken” SMS messages.

Wired explains “By sniffing to each bay station’s traffic, listening for the delivery of the message and the response of the target phone at the correct time, the location of the target phone can be more precisely identified.”

To create the sniffer, the hackers created a new version of GSM firmware that would receive raw data from the cell network and analyze it. By sniffing the network while sending the broken SMS, the hackers were able to figure out the network ID number of the targeted cell phone.

Once they had that information, they were able to pull encrypted data off the network. And to decode the data, researchers used a cracking program to reveal the key to the encrypted data in under 20 seconds.

Much of this vulnerability could be addressed relatively easily, Nohl said. This requires operators to hide their network routing information, implement randomization of padding bytes between text messaging phones, and overall making the encryption keys harder to break.

“This is all a 20-year-old infrastructure, with lots of private data and not a lot of security,” Nohl said. “We want you to help phones go through the same kind of evolutionary steps that computers did in the 1990s.”



Intel’s 310 Series SSDs Are an Eighth the Size of Their Predecessors

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Intel's 310 Series SSDs Are an Eighth the Size of Their Predecessors

SSDs are great, and they’re getting smaller all the time. A lot smaller. Intel’s teeny new 310 Series SSDs deliver the same performance as the x25s that came before them, but they’re just an eighth the size.

The new drives, intended for notebooks, tablets, and rugged industrial and military devices, are 51mm-by-30mm and a mere 5mm thick. AnandTech points out that it’s Intel’s first mSATA SSD: “physically a mini PCIe connector (similar to what you’d see with a WiFi card in a notebook) but electrically SATA.” What that means is a super-compact drive that is distancing itself from the form factors of traditional hard drives.

Lenovo’s signed the 310 up for their next-generation ThinkPads, and DRS Technology’s planning on sliding the 310 in a tablet next year. Intel’s shipping drives to OEMs in 1000-unit quantities in two capacities: 40GB ($99) and 80GB ($179). They say it’s the first salvo in a wave of new solid state drives they’ll be firing off next year, to which I say bring it on. The smaller and the faster the better. [Intel]


Hackers obtain PS3 private cryptography key due to epic programming fail? (video)

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The 27th annual Chaos Communication Conference already hacked encrypted GSM calls with a $15 cellphone, but there was a second surprise in store this morn — the souls who unlocked the Nintendo Wii’s homebrew potential (and defended it time and again) claim to have broken into the PlayStation 3 as well. Last we left the black monolith, Sony had won a round, forcing the community to downgrade their firmware for any hope at hacking into the console. Well, the newly formed fail0verflow hacking squad says that won’t be a problem any longer, because they’ve found a way to get the PS3 to reveal its own private cryptography key — the magic password that could let the community sign its very own code.

So far, the team hasn’t provided any proof that the deed’s been done, but they have provided quite an extensive explanation of how they managed the feat: apparently, Sony didn’t bother generating any random numbers to secure the blasted thing. (We don’t really know how it works, but we have it on good authority that dead cryptography professors are rapidly spinning in their graves.) The group intends to generate a proof-of-concept video tomorrow, and release the tools sometime next month, which they claim should eventually enable the installation of Linux on every PS3 ever sold. Catch the whole presentation after the break in video form, or skip to 33:00 for the good stuff.



Android Market Kini Tembus 200,000 Aplikasi

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iOS sepertinya harus berhati-hati bila menghadapi gempuran aplikasi dari Android, sebab total aplikasi di Android Market kini sudah semakin mengejar iOS dengan jumlah 200,000 aplikasi yang pastinya akan terus bertambah. Angka statistik ini diperoleh dari, situs independen yang selama ini memantau pertumbuhan aplikasi Android.

Memang kehadiran aplikasi seperti sudah menjadi satu paket yang tidak bisa dipisahkan dari OS mobile, iOS pun bisa melejit karena berbagai aplikasi menarik yang ditawarkannya. Sedangkan pesaing baru di kancah mobile, Windows Phone 7 juga telah mencapai 5,000 aplikasi yang menunjukkan minat para pengembang didalamnya.

Aplikasi Android memiliki keunikan dengan dominasi besar untuk aplikasi gratis dibanding aplikasi berbayar, ini yang menjadi salah satu faktor pertumbuhan Android yang begitu pesat di mata konsumen selain dari sistem operasi open source yang terbuka untuk seluruh pengembang.

Secara global pangsa pasar ponsel Android terus meroket, dapatkah Android menjadi OS nomor 1 dunia pada tahun 2011 mendatang? Apakah iOS perlu khawatir dengan pertumbuhan aplikasi Android?

Lihat statistik lebih jelas disini



Just got a BlackBerry? The best apps, accessories, and tips

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So you just got a BlackBerry, huh? First off, welcome to the world of glorious hardware keyboards and the holy grail of mobile messaging we mortals call BBM. Once you get past the novelty of sending the obligatory “mypin” texts to everyone you know, you’re probably thinking to yourself — what now? Luckily for you we’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps and accessories, as well as some veteran tricks of the trade, so head past the break for a crash course in doing more than just playing BrickBreaker on a BlackBerry.

Hey Android friends, we got you covered, too! Did you get an iPad? Check out our guide here! Found an iPhone in your stocking? Read our list of must-haves!

Great apps

Twitter for BlackBerry (Free). It goes without saying that if you’ve got a Twitter, you probably want to be checking it wherever you are. The official Twitter app for BB gets the job done in a fun green and blue environment. It’s got tabs up top for all the familiar Twitter functions, and the rest is pretty straight-forward. We still have a penchant for SocialScope, but since that’ll probably never escape private BETA… we digress.

TuneIn Radio (Free). While RIM certainly beefed up the media capabilities with BlackBerry 6, it has still left the door wide open for developers to fill in the gaps. TuneIn radio is our favorite media app, as it streams over 40,000 online radio stations. It works over WiFi and 3G, but be careful if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. It can even search for stations near your location, though if you’re like us and simply have to stream BBC Radio 1 from anywhere in the world, you’re certainly able to do that too.

Dropbox (Free). We’re not shy about being fans of Dropbox’s offering, and now that they’ve got a dedicated BlackBerry client you officially have no excuse for not signing up. Opening up documents you’ve got synced to your Dropbox is a snap, and you can even edit using DocumentsToGo if it’s installed on your device. If you’re new to the service, you can sign up for a free 2GB account directly from your phone — sweet indeed.

CrunchSMS (Free, $4.99 “for more screen space”). BlackBerry Messenger got a snazzy makeover with OS 5, but poor old SMS has been left out in the cold. CrunchSMS offers a more elegant texting solution with familiar chat bubbles and other options like seeing contact pictures in conversations. It’s minor, but makes the chore of not-BBM’ing someone all the less painful.

Pixelated (Free, $2.99 “Plus” option). BrickBreaker is totally fun and will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but Pixelated is an addicting time waster that is a little less repetitive. The objective is simple — make all the pixels the same color in as few moves as possible. It’s easier to try than to explain, but don’t blame us if you instantly become less productive upon installation.

Google Maps (Free). In our opinions, Google Maps should come preinstalled on every phone in the world, as it’s useful for finding pretty much anything wherever you are. It’s indispensable for finding restaurant addresses and phone numbers on the go, not to mention “layers” for things like traffic, Wikipedia pages, and transit maps. As a bonus, it integrates with Google Latitude so you can seamlessly stalk locate your ex kids.

Gmail (Free). There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the built-in email services on the BlackBerry OS, but if you’re a Gmail-aholic like most of the Engadget crew, you should probably check out the official Gmail app. It allows you to perform familiar desktop functions like labeling, archiving, and storing, as well as support for conversation threading. We use it as a supplement to the built-in push email services, but the functionality it adds is a must have for anyone who knows what a search operator is.

Feeds ($2.99). It seems like the world is suddenly flooded with Reeder knock-offs, but in the case of BlackBerry — that’s a good thing. Feeds is a cleanly designed Google Reader client that make for a simple and elegant RSS experience. There aren’t a whole lot of options to speak of, but the inclusion of Google keyboard shortcuts is a nice perk. If you want a streamlined, classy RSS reader for the BlackBerry platform, Feeds is calling your name.

Engadget for BlackBerry (Free). How could we not recommend the Engadget app? It’s a super slick way to access the multiple Engadget sites, so you’ll never miss a post. Top stories are displayed up front and center, and support for keyboard shortcuts make it a little more pleasurable than the default BlackBerry browser. And don’t despair Torch users — a new version is on the way soon!

Viigo (Free). Viigo has tons of built-in “channels” that can bring you virtually any kind of news on the go. You choose your preferences in things such as sports, weather, stocks, and news sites to curate your own stream of information relevant to you. Now that Viigo’s been acquired by RIM, we could be seeing a lot more integration in the near future.


Case-Mate ID Credit Card Cases ($29.99). This slim-fitting BlackBerry hard case has a hidden secret on its backside. You can hold up two or three cards in the built-in slot, perfect for a night on the town when you don’t want to carry a wallet.

BlackBerry Leather Pocket ($29.99). Professional devices require professional cases, right? Well, the Leather Pocket case straight from RIM will probably match your impeccable suit quite nicely when it’s time for a board meeting. It’s got a built-in magnet that allows your device to recognize when it’s holstered, so you can even set your sound profiles to change depending on whether it’s inside or not.

BlackBerry Charging / Sync Pod ($39.99). You may have noticed some exposed metal contacts somewhere on the back or side of your device, and you’ve also probably got no idea what they’re for. Well, your BlackBerry supports wireless charging — in a sense, anyway — and you can buy a dock to charge it without having to plug-in. We’ve had one of these on our bedside tables for a few years now, and it’s especially great if your phone doubles as your alarm clock.

Extended battery (prices vary). BlackBerrys are renowned for their battery life, but with all these apps installed you could drain your power more quickly. We always keep a spare in our backpack and can’t say how many times its saved us. You can find super cheap ones on Ebay, but just check the seller’s rating to ensure it won’t fry your device.

Bundles (prices vary). The ShopBlackBerry store has tons of bundles for new device owners looking to accessorize. Our particular favorite? This Torch Starter Bundle that has a sync pod, leather pocket, and screen protector for a penny under $50.

Tips and tricks

  • Not a fan of the default shortcut keys on your shiny new device? You can change those pretty easily in the options menu, under “screen and keyboard options.” Come on, set that right convenience key to BrickBreaker, we won’t tell anyone.
  • While there’s no way to change the battery status icons to percentages on your homescreen, you can still find out you ‘Berry’s vitals using the Alt+Shift+H key combo. It takes a little practice, but battery level, PIN, and other stats are available at this appropriately titled “Help Me!” screen.
  • Don’t forget to install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software on your Mac or PC. In the unfortunate event that you lose your device, having a complete backup that can be easily restored to your new one can save you endless agitation and frustration.
  • You can sync your BlackBerry with iTunes! BlackBerry Desktop Manager includes a built in sync manager that will allow you to sync selected artists, genres, and playlists to your device with ease — as long as it’s not iTunes DRM-protected.



Bocoran Aplikasi Musik Ungkap Perubahan Antarmuka Android 3.0 Honeycomb

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Sebuah bocoran gambar dari aplikasi pemutar Musik versi baru yang diperkirakan adalah bagian dari Android Honeycomb telah muncul. Gambar ini juga dibarengi dengan video yang menampilkan interaksi UI baru tersebut dengan penggunanya.

Aplikasi Musik yang sempat disebut-sebut pada acara Google I/O 2010 ini memberikan beberapa gambaran dari OS Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Antarmuka pengguna sepertinya telah didesain ulang dan tampak mirip dengan pemutar Gallery for Picture di Froyo. Fitur paling diharapkan tampil pada aplikasi Musik ini adalah sinkronisasi nirkabel seperti sinkronisasi nirkabel WP7 dengan PC. Selain itu juga terlihat album yang masih tidak bisa diputar ulang pada bocoran ini.

Aplikasi Musik ini mendukung gambar mendatar serta fitur pergantian latar belakang ketika musik dimainkan. Ada juga beberapa tombol di layar yang lebih menegaskan bahwa OS Honeycomb ini memang ditujukan untuk tablet. Namun begitu adalah menyenangkan melihat aplikasi ini juga bisa berjalan di ponsel yang menunjukkan bahwa Google berpikiran luas untuk Android versi baru ini.

Video berikut memberikan sedikit gambaran bagaimana aplikasi ini bekerja, sementara video kedua menunjukkan aplikasi ini pada Gingerbread. Jika ingin mencoba aplikasi ini silakan kunjungi forum XDA-Developer dengan asumsi bahwa pengguna siap mencoba sebuah aplikasi yang masih memiliki banyak bug dan kelemahan.



Apple Siapkan Tiga Varian iPad 2 di 2011

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Menurut kabar terbaru dari Digitimes, Apple saat ini sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk meluncurkan tiga versi berbeda dari iPad generasi baru (iPad 2) di tahun 2011. Ketiga versi ini adalah iPad dengan kombinasi WiFi, CDMA dan UMTS. Apple juga diperkirakan akan memajukan jadwal pengiriman. Pengiriman produk akan dimulai akhir Januari dan bukan Februari seperti perkiraan sebelumnya. Pada awalnya akan disiapkan sekitar 500.000 s.d. 530.000 unit dengan komposisi 30% varian wifi, 40% HSPA, dan 30% EVDO yang dilanjutkan ke pengiriman-pengiriman selanjutnya. Dengan demikian maka iPad 2 akan muncul pada bulan Maret, satu bulan lebih cepat dari informasi jadwal yang diperoleh sebelumnya.

Sumber Digitimes juga mengatakan bahwa sekitar 60-65% iPad yang sekarang terjual adalah model 3G. Ini menunjukkan bahwa konsumen lebih memilih produk yang bisa terhubung ke internet setiap saat. Karena tren ini maka Apple berencana untuk bekerja lebih erat bersama para operator telekomunikasi untuk memberikan layanan data nirkabel yang sesuai untuk iPad 2.

Apple juga dilaporkan Digitimes sedang berusaha untuk membuat layar iPad generasi baru yang memiliki karakteristik mirip dengan layar Amazon Kindle. Layar ini akan lebih tahan minyak dan debu, serta tidak banyak memantulkan cahaya berlebih. Dengan layar seperti ini iPad 2 diharapkan dapat bersaing lebih baik melawan Kindle dalam menarik konsumen.

Pengiriman iPad 2 di tahun 2011 diperkirakan akan mencapai 40 juta unit. Menurut informasi terbaru dari blog Jepang Macotakara, iPad 2 akan memiliki desain baru dengan bentuk menyerupai iPod touch generasi saat ini.



Samsung akan Munculkan Galaxy S Generasi Baru di Februari 2011?

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Selain LG Electronics, Samsung sebagai salah satu produsen elektronik terbesar Korea Selatan dikabarkan juga sedang membuat handset Android dengan prosesor dual-core. Menurut The Chosun Ilbo, ponsel pintar dengan prosesor dual-core ini akan dimunculkan pada saat Mobile World Congress yang berlangsung di Barcelona pada bulan Februari 2011 nanti.

Smartphone ini merupakan penerus dari Galaxy S dan memakai Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Selain itu handset ini juga akan memiliki fitur giroskop dan NFC, sistem pembayaran elektronik dengan memanfaatkan gelombang jarak dekat seperti yang digunakan di Nexus S.

Samsung Galaxy S sendiri baru-baru ini diinformasikan telah memperoleh update tidak resmi Gingerbread. Apakah smartphone penerusnya ini bisa meneruskan popularitas Samsung Galaxy S pertama?



Cara Memaksa Ponsel Android untuk Cek Update

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Bebera pengguna ponsel Android pasti pernah merasa jengkel mengenai hal yang satu ini: Mendapat berita bahwa ada update untuk ponselnya (mungkin saja perbaikan bug atau upgrade besar versi Android), namun ponsel merespon negatif dengan mengklaim tidak ada yang bisa dilakukan atau tidak ada update.

Untuk kasus seperti ini memang dibutuhkan sedikit pengaturan bagi ponsel Android agar dapat menerima update. Caranya dengan menelpon sejumlah kombinasi angka yang ada di keypad ponsel Android anda agar sistem dapat merespon dan mengecek kembali update yang tersedia.

Hubungi *#*#checkin#*#*, gunakan nomor pada dial pad untuk menggantikan huruf. Dengan begini ponsel dapat menemukan update agar dapat segera diunduh. Namun bila masih tidak ada update yang tersedia untuk ponsel Android anda, ini bisa saja disebabkan memang tidak disediakan operator atau ada keterlambatan dari update yang disediakan oleh operator untuk masuk ke ponsel.

Meski anda mampir ke menu, kemudian pilih About phone, dan mengklik opsi Check for system updates, ini tidak menjamin update akan tersedia. Namun ini bukan hal yang mengecewakan bukan?

Nexus S telah mendapatkan update pertama ke versi 2.3.1 minggu lalu, bila belum mendapatkannya pemilik Nexus S dapat mengupdate manual dengan langkah diatas.



Samsung Galaxy Player akan Tampil di CES 2011

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Samsung baru saja mengumumkan bahwa pihaknya akan menampilkan Galaxy Player, perangkat pemutar musik berbasis Android pada CES 2011 yang berlangsung pekan depan. Gadget ini dikatakan terinspirasi dari kesuksesan ponsel Samsung Galaxy S dengan spesifikasi yang mirip namun tanpa koneksitas seluler.

Galaxy Player (YP-GB1) memiliki ketebalan 9,9mm, memakai Android 2.2 Froyo, memakai prosesor 1GHz, baterai 1200mAh, layar 4 inci Super Clear LCD resolusi WVGA (800×480 piksel), T-DMB, teknologi audio SoundAlive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, kamera belakang 3.2MP dan kamera depan untuk panggilan video. Selain itu juga ditanamkan GPS, pemutar video HD, slot kartu microSD, ditambah akses Android Market dan Samsung Apps.

Selain Galaxy Player, Samsung juga dikabarkan akan menampilkan pemutar musik portabel lain seperti YP-G50 dan YP-GB70. Belum diketahui harga yang ditawarkan Samsung atas produk-produk ini dan ketersediaannya di Indonesia.


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