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Rumor mengenai iPad 2 versi mini telah berhembus kembali, kali ini tanpa diduga seorang aktor/popstar asal Taiwan, Jimmy Lin memamerkan secara nyata iPad versi mini. Perangkat iPad dengan layar yang lebih kecil ini ditampilkannya di microblog miliknya (situs mirip twitter terbesar di Cina). Dari foto yang ada, tampak Jimmy Lin memegang kedua perangkat iPad  [ Read More ]

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Throughout the year you’ve submitted your beautifully organized desktops and we’ve featured the ones that stand out. Here’s a look at the best of the best featured desktops from 2010. Just like last year’s featured desktops, this list is made up of the most popular posts in 2010. We’ve had some really amazing desktops this  [ Read More ]

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Over on the official Google Blog, Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP of Product Management, just shared some of his “favorite tips and apps for Nexus S.” And you’ve gotta figure that his favorite tips and tricks are probably worth checking out. Some Android power users might snort at the idea that they didn’t know how to,  [ Read More ]

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It had to happen at some point, so why not now? After a startling — almost terrifying — year-long gap between Brando SATA HDD docks, the company is finally outing another. For those who’ve been camped out under the nearest boulder for the past few years, these external HDD docks allow users to plug any  [ Read More ]

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We know Windows CE jibes with ARM-based architecture, but full-blown Windows? Looks like everyone and their respective mothers today — to be specific, Bloomberg, AllThingsD, and the Wall Street Journal — are reporting “sources” that claim Microsoft is set to announce Windows compatibility with ARM chips, which currently rule the roost in the mobile and  [ Read More ]

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