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They said they would do it, and by golly it’s nearly here — Samsung just revealed that its assembly lines are starting to churn out see-thru computer screens that don’t require power-sucking backlights to function. Unfortunately, it looks like the amazing AMOLED variety is still on the drawing board, but ambient light-powered LCDs are on  [ Read More ]

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  Microsoft is adding support for NFC (near field communication) to its Windows Phone mobile operating system, according to a report citing unnamed sources over on Bloomberg Businessweek. NFC technology, which allows for short range wireless communication between two devices for the purpose of data exchange, is a key component to the upcoming mobile payment  [ Read More ]

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PELOPOR internet, Paul Baran, 84, meninggal dunia, Sabtu (26/03) di Palo Alto, California. Tokoh penting di dunia internet ini meninggal akibat komplikasi kanker paru-paru. Pria kelahiran Grodno, Polandia, 29 April 1926 itu bergabung dengan RAND Corporation tahun 1959. Pada saat itu perusahaan tersebut fokus pada isu-isu militer Perang Dingin. Dan  secara khusus memikirkan bagaimana berkomunikasi dalam  [ Read More ]

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Of all the battlefields we’ve witnessed in the browser wars, this one’s never really crossed our minds before: energy efficiency. Yes, the power efficiency of a piece of software, not hardware, is being touted by Microsoft as a differentiating feature for its fresh new Internet Explorer 9. It’s thrown together the top five most popular  [ Read More ]

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Menurut rumor Microsoft terakhir, perusahaan software terbesar di dunia ini dikabarkan telah memulai mengirim Windows 8 build 7971.0.110324-190 ke berbagai manufaktur komputer melalui sistem pengujian internal Connect miliknya. Sistem ini dikenal juga sebagai program “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release“. Windows 8 dikabarkan memiliki tampilan antarmuka 3D yang dinamis, memungkinkan OS tersebut untuk beradaptasi dengan  [ Read More ]

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Belum lama ini Apple telah merilis iOS versi terbaru 4.3.1 dan telah tersedia di iTunes untuk diunduh. Tidak perlu menunggu lama kehadiran jailbreaknya, iOS versi terbaru ini dikabarkan sudah bisa dijailbreak bahkan hanya 24 jam setelah peluncurannya Jumat Minggu lalu, metode jailbreak iOS ini sudah dirilis ke publik. Jailbreak ini masih tethered yang berarti harus  [ Read More ]

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Soichiro Honda dilahirkan pada tahun 1906 di sebuah desa kecil di Jepang. Pada usia sangat muda pun ia sudah terpesona oleh motor. Sebenarnya jaranglah panggilan seseorang sudah terlihat pada usia begitu muda. Honda menyatakan bahwa pada usia dua atau tiga tahun, ia telah merasa sangat terkesan oleh pemandangan, atau lebih tepat oleh bunyi, sebuah mesin  [ Read More ]

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Intel has entered the high-capacity big leagues with a new series of solid-state drives that offer up to 600 gigabytes in capacity. Intel solid-state drive 320 Series. The world’s largest chipmaker is tapping into its most cutting-edge manufacturing technology to get the larger capacities–with chip geometries shrinking to a mere 25 nanometers. Those geometries are  [ Read More ]

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An Iranian hacker has claimed responsibility for last week’s attempt to hack the internet’s Secure Socket layer (SSL). The attack involved accessing the computer systems of Comodo, which issues the certificates that guarantee security. If successful, it would have allowed the hackers to impersonate Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla and Microsoft, enabling them to grab passwords,  [ Read More ]

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  It is rare to find a device that is both baffling and compelling. We’ve been talking about the Acer Iconia for a while now and this dual-screened tablet or “Touchbook” is now available and shipping in the US next month. It runs a Core i5 chip, Windows 7, and has two 14-inch screens made  [ Read More ]

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