Intel plans exascale computing by 2018, wants to make petaflops passé

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Sure, Fujitsu has a right to be proud of its K supercomputer — performing over 8 petaflops with just under 70,000 Venus CPUs is nothing to sneeze at. Intel isn’t giving up its status as the supercomputing CPU king, however, as it plans to bring exascale computing to the world by the end of this decade. Such a machine could do one million trillion calculations per second, and Intel plans to make it happen with its Many Integrated Core Architecture (MIC). The first CPUs designed with MIC, codenamed Knights Corner, are built on a 22nm process that utilizes the company’s 3D Tri-Gate transistors and packs over 50 cores per chip. These CPUs are designed for parallel processing applications, similar to the NVIDIA GPUs that will be used in a DARPA-funded supercomputer we learned about last year. Here we thought the war between these two was over — looks like a new one’s just getting started. PR’s after the break.



Intel adds to ULV processor line with 1.8GHz Core i7 and i5 options, one of them to star in ASUS UX21

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Intel’s so-called Ultrabooks may be a little way off into the distance at the moment, but the company isn’t making you wait until its Ivy Bridge rollout to get a taste for ultraslim laptops with some real power inside them. A trio of new ultra-low voltage CPUs, each rated with a TDP of just 17W, has been added to the company’s catalog, starting with the top-tier Core i7-2677M, whose pair of cores run at 1.8GHz by default but can be sped up to 2.9GHz when duty calls. Then there’s the i7-2637M, which looks to only differ in clock speeds (1.7GHz default, 2.8GHz under Turbo Boost), and the i5-2557M that makes do with a 3MB L3 cache (1MB less than its i7 brethren) and a 1.7GHz / 2.7GHz speed range. All three 64-bit, 32nm processors also integrate a GPU (350MHz base clock, maxes out at 1.2GHz) within their walls, which is what makes their ascetic power consumption all the more impressive. OEMs should soon start splicing these new options into their next generation laptops, and while the obvious speculation centers around a MacBook Air refresh, CNET tells us the Core i5-2557M has already found a home in ASUS’ upcoming UX21, a (purportedly) sub-$1,000 11.6-inch featherweight contender.



ICANN akan Tambah TLD Baru

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Sebuah perombakan besar dalam nama domain di internet telah ditorehkan oleh ICANN dengan telah disetujuinya pendaftaran TLD (top level domain) baru yang bisa dipakai dan dikuasai oleh perusahaan atau wilayah tertentu. Aturan ini memungkinkan sebuah pihak memiliki alamat internet pribadi mulai tahun 2012 nanti, misalnya Google dengan alamat berakhiran TLD .google, Ebay dengan .ebay, dan seterusnya.

Saat ini alamat domain internet utama biasanya diakhiri dengan TLD standar seperti .com, .net, hingga domain negara seperti .id. Dengan aturan baru ini nantinya bisa muncul TLD baru yang semakin beragam, termasuk juga domain dalam bahasa non latin seperti bahasa Arab maupun China.


Untuk memiliki alamat domain ini para pendaftar harus membayar sekitar $185,000 dan harus mengisi aplikasi pendaftaran untuk verifikasi sepanjang 360 halaman. Prosedur ini dimaksdukan agar domain baru ini tidak disalahgunakan dan hanya ditujukan untuk mereka yang memiliki merk dagang sesuai alamat yang dimiliki nantinya.



Microsoft Restui Tools Pembobol WP7

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Beberapa waktu lalu, Microsoft mendepak tools pembobol Windows Phone 7 (WP7) dari Marketplace. Kini, tiba-tiba mereka justru merestui perangkat tersebut.

Tools pembobol tersebut bernama ChevronWP7. Aplikasi ini diklaim menjadi tools pertama yang dibuat para pengoprek untuk membedah Windows Phone 7. Aplikasi ini diciptakan oleh tiga sekawan: Rafael Rivera, Long Zheng dan Chris Walsh.

Para pembuat Chevron WP7 mengaku membuat aplikasi ini untuk memberikan akses kepada pengguna atau developer agar bisa menyusupkan aplikasi pihak ketiga tanpa harus dipersulit dengan persyaratan di market place Windows Phone 7.

Kini tim pengembang ChevronWP7 justru mendapat restu penuh dari Microsoft. Mulai sekarang para pengembang aplikasi bisa bebas menggunakan ChevronWP7 untuk memodifikasi Windows Phone, namun dikenakan biaya. Asal hal itu untuk tujuan pengembangan aplikasi.

“Sejalan dengan dirilisnya Windows Phone Dev Podcast, kami akan merilis juga layanan Windows Phone unlocking, sebagai bagian dari ChevronWP7 Labs. Ini segera tersedia bagi para pengembang di semua negara,” tulis pesan Microsoft.

Tampaknya, Microsoft justru memanfaatkan celah tersebut sebagai bagian dari bisnis mereka. Developer pengguna ChevronWP7 bakal dikenai sedikit biaya via PayPal saat ingin menggunakan aplikasi tersebut.



Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

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Regular expressions are an essential part of any programmer’s toolkit. These are very useful kits for web developer to validate, match or replace text. To help user there are number of tools and resources are developed. The tools and resources like Greedliness / Laziness, Back referencing, Word boundaries, Named Groups, Word Boundaries, Atomic Groups, Recursion, Call Backs, Commenting, Regex helps to test regular expression in a different ways. If you would like to modify a htaccess file to make clean URLs, or some other advanced works as filtering RSS or other data. Some resources and tools given bellow which let you step forward to achieve good mastery over regex.




With the enormous technology development, everything is being made simple, accessible, and user-friendly. Regular expression also known as ‘regexp’ or ‘regex’ is one such method that offers a brief and adaptable mode of text strings to describe a search pattern with minimal effort. The idea of regular expression is to provide great flexibility in matching the text patterns or strings and hence provide a powerful approach for an easy search.

Why regular expressions

The answer is very simple. It is one of most powerful tools a programmer can think of! However just take a look at some of the reasons :

  • Regular expressions are merged to many programming languages and tools such as the vi editor of Unix/Linux OS (operating system); the grep command of the OS; Perl and PHP programming languages.
  • Every usage of regular expressions evokes a powerful search engine and this searches for the text with the specified patterns.
  • You are offered with dual match strings – eg: Find all lines having either Mangoes or Grapes – Mangoes|Grapes.
  • Regular expressions are language study by themselves – in other words – a language within a language.
  • You may match a whole category of characters – eg: Match all lowercase letters for 1 character position: (a-z) or (0-9) or (ABCXYZ456).
  • You may match any character by the usage of a period – eg: Match any 3 characters: … (3 periods), or match characters at the beginning or end of a line.
  • With regular expressions you can almost match anything as it can scan any file or date that are in an identifiable pattern.
  • And much more…

Basic and Extended Regular Expression

instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

There are the two main types of regular expressions. These provide you with all the required matches according to your need. Either you want to match a single character, or a range of characters in the desired pattern. You are exposed to Perl-derivative regular expressions, Simple regular expressions, Posix character classes, and Posix basic regular expressions with the apt examples for you to learn to use the regular expressions appropriately. Expressive power and compactness

Regex Engines – Comparison

instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

Before you can decide on the regex engine that you want to choose, it is advised to go through the comparison chart to know the features offered by various regex engines. This gives you the entire list of libraries, list of languages that are available with the regex support, and comparison of other features. Comparison of regular expression engines


Guides for Regular Expressions

You ought to know certain basic terms before you can use the regular expressions. Some of the basic easy guidance along with definitions is provided with sufficient examples. Go ahead and get the feel of the basics before you proceed to the next step!

  • Introductory guide to regular expressionJavatutors presents some basic regular expression and gives some example. And it also makes list of latest Javascript tutorials.
  • Understanding regular expressions
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Regular expression references display a list of books and references.

  • Categorized regular expressionsDisplay pattern provides 38 categories in expression and description for each category.
  • Regex useful resourcesThis displays regex useful regular expression, in that board index, programming, regex is mentioned. Each contains details of resources. And we can also see valuable suggestions given by the user.
  • Regexlib for resourcesA Regex resource is a collection of many tools and resources. Some of those are like, the regulator, Fric gunperson’s RegEx work bench, Jregex tester, the RegEx coach, expresso, rework etc.
  • Regex for web workHere is a detailed description about using regular expression in web work. There are many general resources and references like, Mastering regular expression books can be comforting when tackling intimidating topics, Pocket reference book, Resources on regular expressions, Brief guide to regular expression. In additions to these details there is description on dual approaches, application and scripting languages.
  • Regular expression resourcesMany regular expression resources like the 30 minute regex tutorial, regular expression info, Microsoft regular expression webcast, regexlib, NET framework regular expression reference, mastering regular expression listed here.
  • Regular expression info-toolsProgramming languages and libraries, databases, general applications with notable support for regular expressions, specialized tools and utilities for working with regular expressions are some important ingredients in this regular expression info tools. These tools and utilities have regular expressions as the core of their functionality.
  • Mastering over regular expression
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    This is about mastering regular expression, which covers regular expression syntax, mechanics of expression-processing, common pitfalls, performance issues, and implementation of specific differences.

  • Introduction to advanced regular expressionTo over come some shortcomings of simple regular expression this advanced regular expressions. It discusses eight commonly used concepts such as, greedliness/laziness, back reference, named groups, word boundaries, atomic groups, recursion, callbacks and commenting.
  • Regular expression user guide
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Here you can find a regular expression user guide it many contents namely a gentle introduction, apache browser recognition, posix standard character classes, commonly available extensions, substances groups and back references, regular expression tester, common example, notes etc.

  • The complete regular expression guideThe complete regular expression guide is mainly for web developer and web administrator. Developers can use this to parse text files and administrator can use it for search logs, automate boring tasks and sniff the net work traffic etc.


Regular Expression Tutorial


  • PHP,perl and JavaScript regular-expressions
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Virtuosi media provides 37 PHP tutorials to both beginners to advance. This gives all the information about validation, database interaction, and how to create simple scripts like a blog or login page. It also covers OOP, frame work development, and Ajax.

  • Regular expression examplesSample regular expression gives more detailed examples, they are numeric ranges, matching a floating point numbers, matching an email address, match valid dates, finding or verifying credit card numbers, matching complete lines, removing duplicate lines or items, regex examples for processing code.
  • Learn How to Use and Get The Most out of Regular Expressions
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Regular expression tutorial teaches you how to create your own regular expression. It starts with most basic concepts and ends with most advanced and specialized capabilities.

  • Introduction to regular expression using JavaScriptIntroduction to Regular Expressions using JavaScript tutorial helps to anyone who wants to learn regular expression. It uses JavaScript programming language. But you can use it as a reference to other language.
  • Php regular expressions examplesRegular expression examples teach you how to get mastery over regular expression. It starts with simple examples and continues wide list of cases.
  • Php regular expression-htmlPhp regular expression shows how to use php regular expression in your script. Here two types of regular expression mentioned one is Posix and another is Perl compatible. To make easy learning syntax it lists some characters of syntax.
  • Demistifying regular expressionsDemystifying regular expression describes simple usage of regular expression. Its prime intention intention is let user to try most powerful search and replace paradigm.
  • The joy of regular expressions-1
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    The joy of regular expression introduces you regex syntax. It describes contents like, resources, background, why do we need regular expression?, grasping the concept, learning by doing, positive matching, expression delimiters and pattern modifiers, exact match, validating a user name.

  • The joy of regular expression-2
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    This is the second part of Sitepoint here it continues its quest for hunting many other issues. Its main aim is to provide information on web designing for both beginner and experts.

  • Building and testing regular expression in Unix system
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    This article is about essential aids for building and testing regular expression in unix system. And it also describes some tools and techniques like highlighting matches, showing only the matches and not the lines, calling a wizard, studying doc.

  • Regex tutorial table of contentsThis regular expression tutorial teaches you all aspect of regular expressions. Such as how a regex engine works internally, character classes or character sets, the dots, start of string and end of string anchors etc…


Tools overview

Regular expression tools are just as first aid box for the user. It provides both desktop and web tools. In desktop tools you can find rad software regular expression, regex designer, the regulator, expresso, regulazy, regular expression visualizes. And in web tools you can find retester, javascript, regular expression validator, regex pal, rexv, a better net regular, expression tester and regular expression tools. These tools are more handy to regular expression user.

  • The premier regular expression development tool
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    It is equally suitable teaching tool for beginner or for the advanced programmer or web designer with an expertise and extensive knowledge of regular expressions.

  • Free regular expression designer
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    It is interactive window application that designed to help programmer to learn, develop or design regular expression.

  • Test your regular expressionRegex tester is tool that offers options like single line, case insensitive, multiline, ignore whitespace in expression and explicit capture.
  • Regular expression tester
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    This offers some development functions to test and create regular expression with some tools like case sensitive, global and multiline search, color highlighting of found expression, display of special characters etc.

  • Regular expression generator for HTML elementHtml2regexp is a ruby program of generating regular expressions for extracting HTML elements.
  • Rework-a regular expression workbench.
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    It’s a regular expression workbench. The main features it has replace, Multiple, Split, Scan, Parse and Graph.

  • Regular expression test toolThis service uses PHP regular expression functions as a base for its operations. It can be useful for programmers of other languages as well.
  • Key features for learning testing and writingAn innovative and intuitive tool for learning, writing, and testing Regular Expressions. It includes some other features; they are-shows results as you type, roll over your expression to see information on specific elements, your saved expressions are saved locally.
  • The regex coach-interactive regular expressions
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    The Regex Coach is a graphical application for Windows which can be used to experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions interactively, as you are make change in application all other parts are instantly update.

  • A ruby regular expression editor
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Rubular is a Ruby-based regular expression editor. It’s a handy and simple way to test your regular expressions.

  • Rexv regular expression evaluatorIt’s a Ajax Regular Expression evaluator for three different regular expression systems PHP PCRE, PHP Posix, JavaScript.
  • Flex 3 regular expression explorer
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Using this explorer you can find an existing regular expression example, create your own regular expression example and save a regular expression to the community.

  • A JavaScript regular expression testerJavaScript regular expression tester with real-time regex syntax and match highlighting. The regex syntax is quite complex and it strives to be aware of all aspects of ECMA 262, browser specific bugs, feature and limitations.
  • Headache relief for programmers
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Regular Expression Generator for languages like Perl PHP Python Java Javascript ColdFusion C C++ Ruby VB VBScript JSharp CSharp C++.dotnet VB.dotnet. And this is a awesome tiny tool for refreshing your memory on how to put together regex patterns.

  • ReAnimator regular expression toolIt is a fun little tool that shows a graphic representation of the finite state machines that a regular expression engine uses to perform a regular expression search.
  • Javascript regular expression validatorRegexlibrary is a web based regular expression validator for JavaScript that lets you easily test and write regular expressions for JavaScript. The tool helps you check syntax and also provides a regular expressions library for your use.
  • Regex buddy for learn create use regular expression
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    This tool is your perfect friend for working with regular expressions. It leads to integrate with favorite searching and editing tool. You can quickly test any regex on sample strings and files.

  • Javascript regex generatorThis is a user friendly regex generator. This script runs on top of JDC 1.0.3 in Internet Explorer which is why it is executed slightly faster in Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Python regular expression testing toolsOne of the web based python regular expression tool for rapidly testing regular expressions. Includes support for python regex specific functions such as dotall and unicode.
  • Regexmagic regular expression generator
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    RegexMagic makes sure to generate a regular expression that works with it. It is also generate snippets in many programming languages that you can copy and paste directly into your source code to implement your regular expression.


Regular expression cheat sheets and quick references

  • The basics of regular expressionThis is about regular expression basics. It gives list of quantifier control numbers of characters. Signs for start line and end line, single character and any number of characters, 0 0r 1 of the character optional, alternation, character class, negated character class, grouping are mentioned clearly.
  • Regular expression cheat sheet
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    The Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet is a quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns.

  • Regular expression basic syntax referencesThere is description on regular expression syntax like characters, character class and character sets, dot, anchor, word boundaries, alternation and quantifier.
  • Regex cheat sheetThis cheat sheet is about some signs for basic syntax and for POSIX character classes and Perl-style Metacharacters.
  • Net regular expression cheat sheetNet regular expression cheat sheets define metacharacters, and makes list of basic signs for metacharacter and character classes.
  • Regular expression-quick reference guide
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Regex-cheat sheet.pdf is a quick reference guide for regular expression. It provides guidance on literal character, character group, counts, alternation, lookahead and lookbehind, grouping and back references, Posix character class, non-printing character class, anchor etc.

  • Php regular expression tutorialMysql-regular expression- cheat sheet defines how regular expression in mysql are used within REGEXP and RLIKE sections of where clauses in the selection of records for display, update or deletion. It also displays operator types with example and description.
  • Regex cheat sheet.aspxRegex cheat sheet describes what regular expression cheat sheet is.
  • Regexlib regular expression cheat sheet
    instantShift - Regular Expressions That Makes You an Expert Developer

    Regex-cheat-sheet.aspx defines metacharacter, character escape and character classes.

  • Scriptmonkeys regular expression cheat sheetScriptmonkeys regular expression cheat sheet displays a chart, where regular expression basics are listed.
  • Python regular expression cheat sheetPython-regular-expression-cheat-sheet stored some codes and HTML. You can share it with other programmer and designer.


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