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Sony PlayStation Vita PCB with quad-core CXD5315GG ARM Cortex A9 CPU It seems like the trio that was behind the CELL processor found inside Sony’s PlayStation 3 was reunited to develop the quad-core CPU used by the Japanese company for the PS Vita portable console. Previously believed to be fabricated by Samsung, the chip, which  [ Read More ]

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– Linux kernel will include Android drivers Tim Bird in collaboration with many Linaro and individual developers, including Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman, announced the beginning of the Android Mainlining Project, to include Android’s patches and features into the mainline Linux kernel. As many of you know, the Android drivers were no longer accepted in  [ Read More ]

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Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have denied executing a hack and extract operation against Stratfor, a US-based security think tank. The hackers – who may be linked to Sabu of LulzSec fame – managed to steal Stratfor’s confidential client list and mined over 4,000 credit card numbers, passwords and home addresses. “The Stratfor hack is  [ Read More ]

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The developer known as Jaxbot is becoming quite familiar around these parts, who’s known for bringing instant app resuming and multitasking to Windows Phone — long before these features had gone mainstream. Now, he’s back at it with WindowBreak, a project that seeks to deliver an interop unlock tool that can be used on any  [ Read More ]

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Panel LCD tembus pandang sering muncul di film sci-fi, namun belum ada yang dapat menciptakannya di dunia nyata, tapi tampaknya hal tersebut akan menjadi kenyataan, karena perusahaan asal Korea Selatan, Samsung telah menciptakan sebuah panel LCD tembus pandang dengan kode LTI460AP01. Panel LCD tembus pandang ini cara bekerjanya jelas berbeda dengan panel LCD biasa. Panel  [ Read More ]

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  Google has been working on adding a site speed report to Google Analytics for some time, but this week they made it available to all users by default. No additional code necessary, just dive in to Google Analytics under the Content menu. Under the Content menu, you’ll see Site Speed between Site Content and  [ Read More ]

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Smoking hot startup Codecademy, a service which teaches you how to program online has launched its Labs feature today, as a sign of things to come. Codecademy founder Zach Sims tells me that Codecademy, and specifically new hire Amjad Masad, built the feature because it wanted people to be able to play with what they’ve learned on Codecademy without  [ Read More ]

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From tech titans like Zynga, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple, to startups just launching, the battle lines of 2012 will be drawn across the landscape of HTML5. Below are 14 bold predictions for how HTML5 will evolve in 2012. Welcome to a more interconnected web: In 2012, HTML5 will be adding support for some really  [ Read More ]

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Oracle Enterprise Linux, an enterprise-class Linux-based operating system supported by Oracle, is now at version 6.2.   Oracle Linux 6.2 comes with two separate Linux kernels. First one is Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (kernel-uek-2.6.32-300.3.1.el6uek) and is installed/booted by default, and the second is a Red Hat Compatible Kernel (kernel-2.6.32-220.el6) which is also installed by default. Highlights  [ Read More ]

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Produsen hard disk drive terkemuka, Seagate Technology hari ini mengumumkan penyelesaian transaksi untuk pengambilalihan bisnis hard disk drive (HDD) Samsung Electronic. Menurut ketentuan transaksi, Seagate telah memperoleh pilihan unsur bisnis HDD Samsung, termasuk aset, infrastruktur dan karyawan yang memungkinkan Seagate untuk mengatur skala bisnis dan inovasi. Aset ini meliputi lini produk terkemuka Samsung, HDD 2,5  [ Read More ]

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