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Ever wondered if you could control your house’s climate, security, and appliances — along with your PCs and peripherals — using Microsoft software? That day may soon dawn, as its Research arm has started testing its home automation software, called HomeOS, in twelve domiciles over the past few months. The budding system views smartphones, printers  [ Read More ]

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Introduction Often there has been a need to protect information from ‘prying eyes’. In the electronic age, information that could otherwise benefit or educate a group or individual can also be used against such groups or individuals. Industrial espionage among highly competitive businesses often requires that extensive security measures be put into place. And, those  [ Read More ]

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For request generator binding settings, the encryption methods include specifying the data and key encryption algorithms to use to encrypt the SOAP message. The WSS API for encryption (WSSEncryption) specifies the algorithm name and the matching algorithm uniform resource identifier (URI) for the data and key encryption methods. If the data and key encryption algorithms  [ Read More ]

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    Call it Steve Jobs’ revenge. Security vendor Sophos has discovered that one in five Mac computers surveyed carry malware that could infect Windows PCs. In a bit of delicious irony, only one in 36 Apple computers were found to be infected with Mac OS X malware. The results bring an odd sense of  [ Read More ]

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Setelah berada di dunia rumor cukup lama, Google Drive akhirnya resmi dirilis beberapa jam yang lalu. Layanan ini akan memberikan tempat penyimpanan berkas gratis online sebesar 5 GB yang dapat ditingkatkan hingga 1 TB dengan membayar biaya bulanan. Antarmuka Google Drive berbasis Google Docs dan pemakainya akan bisa berkolaborasi dengan orang lain untuk mengerjakan dokumen,  [ Read More ]

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  With the announcement of Google Drive and yesterday’s major update to Skydrive, you might be wondering how all of the products look when you place them head to head. We already took a quick peek, of course, that was at Google Drive and Skydrive’s TOS which highlighted each products stance on privacy, but Microsoft  [ Read More ]

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  Cloud computing seems to often get used as a catch-all term for the big trends happening in IT. This has the unfortunate effect of adding additional ambiguities to a topic that’s already laden with definitional overload. (For example, on a topic like security or compliance, it makes a lot of difference whether you’re talking  [ Read More ]

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Linux Creator Linus Torvalds has been chosen as one of two recipients of the Millennium Technology Prize. Torvalds was named a 2012 laureate by the Technology Academy of Finland for his creation and ongoing contributions to the open-source operating system. Created in 2004, the awards recognize “technological innovation that significantly improves the quality of human  [ Read More ]

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Thought your SATA SSD chugged along real nice? Think again. Fusion-io has just released an SDK that will allow developers to bypass all the speed draining bottlenecks that rob NAND memory of its true potential (i.e. the kernel block I/O layer,) and tap directly into the memory itself. In fact, Fusion-io is so confident of  [ Read More ]

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Posted by admin on April - 19 - 2012 2 Comments

Yahoo’s new boss Scott Thomson may only be a few months into his job, but he’s made an impact, not necessarily a good one. Yet another reorganization is underway, thousands of people have been laid off and more will be in the future. Yahoo recently sued Facebook for patent infringement. And now the CEO talks  [ Read More ]

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