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When Intel first unveiled its grand plans for Ultrabooks at last year’s Computex, many of the fireworks were consciously reserved for Ivy Bridge-based variants in 2012 — well, they’re here. This year’s show in Taipei will show off the third generation of the skinny, MacBook Air-inspired platform, and Intel is toughening up the design requirements  [ Read More ]

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You probably don’t need a 112 slide PowerPoint presentation from Mary Meeker and the venture capital firm KPCB to tell you this, but the Internet, she’s getting bigger. Every year more and more people sign on and, not surprisingly, many of the 663 million netizens added over the last three years have come from developing  [ Read More ]

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  May 29th, that the highly anticipated Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle) Linux operating system has been released on the official torrent channels of the Fedora Project. Delayed three times, the final and stable release of the Fedora 17 Linux operating system, dubbed Beefy Miracle, was announced a few minutes ago, May 29th. Fedora 17 (Beefy  [ Read More ]

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  Microsoft is finally killing off the confusing “Windows Live” brand. It’s being replaced with a renewed focus on Microsoft’s biggest piece of software – the Windows OS – together with a new and all-encompassing identity system named “Microsoft account.” Windows Live has been Microsoft’s online branding since it was unveiled back in November 2005. But  [ Read More ]

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  It’s perhaps the one way that database interaction can work reliably using any format, any server and any client on the Web today. It happens to be a protocol created by Microsoft. But in a symbol of how Microsoft is now perceived today as just another major player instead of a dominant force, the  [ Read More ]

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Many startups seem to be powered solely by excitement over the new business (occasionally mixed with some Red Bull and Starbucks). Startup founders typically devote every waking moment to their companies, and probably even dream about it too. But while pure passion can propel entrepreneurs 24/7 for a while, eventually even the most committed startup  [ Read More ]

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We’re in Amsterdam attending the 2012 edition of the Hack in the Box security conference. It’s a great atmosphere down here so we decided to make a video overview of the event to show everyone what’s happening at the Okura hotel. The day started with Andy Ellis, Akamai’s Chief Security Officer, who held a speech  [ Read More ]

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Aplikasi mobile terdiri dari berbagai macam kategori, mulai dari aplikasi untuk kesehatan, fotografi, video, produktifitas, bisnis, hiburan musik, permainan dan lain sebagainya. Ribuan aplikasi mobile pun telah banyak mengisi kategori kategori tersebut di masing-masing toko aplikasi. Kadang bagi para pengembang aplikasi memilih kategori yang akan dibuat menjadi sesuatu yang cukup penting sekaligus sulit. Mulai dari  [ Read More ]

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Microsoft is gearing up for the release of a new version of its Visual Studio tool, one that will include enhancements to make it fit for the development of applications for all Windows platforms. The upcoming Visual Studio 11 will also include a new version of Visual Studio Express, which arrives with support for Windows  [ Read More ]

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  File this in the “we-try-it-out-so-you-don’t-have-to” category. is a derivative social network that may be useful to students, but it won’t fly elsewhere. Over the weekend, Microsoft opened to the public an experimental social network called It’s a mix between Google+ and Storify. Users are encouraged to search for information about a particular  [ Read More ]

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