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A fresh strain of Zeus banking Trojan has been discovered in the wild, with a configuration file that targets more than 150 banks and 20 payment systems mostly in countries in Europe. The malware, dubbed Chthonic, relies on a new method for loading its modules and is prevalent in the UK and Spain. Infections have  [ Read More ]

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Posted by admin on December - 11 - 2014 0 Comment and Fedora 21 Flavors As part of the initiative, Fedora 21 comes in three flavors: Cloud, Server, and Workstation — whether you’re using Linux on your laptop, using Linux on your servers, or spinning up containers or images in the cloud, we have what you need to be successful. Fedora 21 Base Each  [ Read More ]

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Bagi yang sering bepergian ke luar kota ataupun luar negeri pastinya terkadang merasa asing dengan daerah yang baru saja dikunjungi. Hal ini akan membuat ragu untuk berjalan-jalan di daerah tersebut karena takut tersesat. Untuk mengatasinya, dapat mencoba salah satu aplikasi pemandu, Backpacker Toolkit. Backpacker Toolkit ini merupakan karya dari pengembang aplikasi lokal, Elvbit Studio. Dalam  [ Read More ]

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After a whole year during which the move to the next generation of graphics processing units was postponed, NVIDIA is finally ready to move beyond the 28nm manufacturing technology, thanks to TSMC getting its act together. Perhaps it’s not altogether politically correct to use that choice of words, but it’s nonetheless true that, originally, TSMC’s  [ Read More ]

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According to the latest research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the smartphone market in Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) posted a moderate 6% Quarter-on-Quarter (QoQ) and 24% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth in 2014 Q3. This trend reflects a decline in growth from previous years and is a result of its largest market, China, having seen the last  [ Read More ]

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Visual Studio and .NET have been two bedrocks of the Microsoft developer ecosystem for over a decade.  With over 1.8 billion installations of .NET and over 7 million downloads of Visual Studio 2013 in just the last year, Visual Studio and .NET are enabling millions of developers to build some of today’s most important software  [ Read More ]

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Cybercriminals have started a new trend for conducting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and rely on a type of DNS (Domain Name System) amplification that leverages text records for making the operation more effective; in some campaigns parts of a press release from the White House has been observed by researchers. The tactic is not new,  [ Read More ]

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Anyone who has built an ecommerce store before, knows this: credibility is one of the toughest things to achieve. Apart from having to build something from scratch and set it up so that it works every time, building credibility means gaining customer trust. And if you can’t provide a functional online store, trust is going  [ Read More ]

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A change in the distribution method for Dridex banking Trojan has been observed last week, as attackers rely on Microsoft Word documents with malicious macros in order to download the malware onto targeted computers. Dridex is the latest evolutionary link of the Feodo/Bugat/Cridex Trojan that developed into Geodo. It preserves the info-stealing capabilities of its  [ Read More ]

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