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Why Facebook Dropped $19B On WhatsApp: Reach Into Europe, Emerging Markets

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With 450 million monthly users and a million more signing up each day, WhatsApp was just too far ahead in the international mobile messaging race for Facebook to catch up, as you can see in the chart above that we made last year. Facebook either had to surrender the linchpin to mobile social networking abroad, or pony up and acquire WhatsApp before it got any bigger. It chose the latter.

Facebook recently said on its earnings call a few weeks ago that its November relaunch of Messenger led to a 70 percent increase in usage, with many more messages being sent. But much of that was likely in the United States and Canada where the standalone messaging app war is still to be won.

Internationally, Facebook was late to the Messenger party. It didn’t launch until 2011 after Facebook bought Beluga, and at the time it was centered around group messaging where SMS was especially weak.

WhatsApp launched in 2009 with the right focus on a lean, clean, and fast mobile messaging app. And while the international messaging market is incredibly fragmented, it was able to gain a major presence where Messenger didn’t as you can also see in the chart above.

Unlike PC-based social networking, there is no outstanding market leader in mobile messaging. Still, WhatsApp absolutely dominates in markets outside of the U.S. like Europe and India.

[Update: WhatsApp was much more popular than Facebook in several large developing markets, according to data from a small survey conducted by Jana Mobile and published by The Information (paywalled). In India, Brazil, and Mexico, respondees were 12X to 64X more likely to say WhatsApp is their most used messaging app, compared to Facebook. Those are big countries with tons of users that Facebook needs.]


It’s also impossible for Facebook to acquire certain other Asian competitors like WeChat, which is the one hope of Chinese mega-giant Tencent to have a global consumer product.

So it’s clear that WhatsApp had strategic interest to Facebook, and we know that the two talked from time to time.

We made the map above using data from Onavo, another Israeli-based company that Facebook acquired for — ahem — competitive intelligence. Because Facebook scooped up Onavo for more than $100 million in October, we don’t have access to active usage data anymore. The only thing outsiders can see are app store rankings, which imply download rates and not current usage.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.01.23 PM

So what happened in the last year? WhatsApp looks to have pulled so far ahead of Facebook in developing markets that there was no way to catch up. Mark Zuckerberg said in a post today that the app was on its way to reaching 1 billion users.

We’ve heard Facebook has been interested in buying WhatsApp for two to three years. We reported in 2012 that Facebook was in talks to acquire WhatsApp. But over the past year, it became clear that Facebook couldn’t afford not to pay whatever it would take to get WhatsApp on its team.

So the answer to Facebook’s problem ended up being $19 billion.

Apparently, that’s what it took to take Jan Koum and his backers at Sequoia Capital (the fund that Zuck originally spited) out of the market. If it waited any longer, that number probably would have just gotten bigger.

You might wonder how WhatsApp will ever earn back the money it cost to buy, but this acquisition wasn’t about increasing Facebook’s total revenue. It was about surviving the global shift to mobile.



WhatsApp dibeli Facebook Rp 209 Triliun

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Facebook kembali melakukan langkah akuisisi mengejutkan. Setelah sebelumnya mencaplok Instagram, kini raksasa jejaring sosial itu membeli WhatsApp senilai USD 19 miliar atau sekitar Rp 209 triliun (USD 1 = Rp 11.000).

Seperti dilansir Wall Street Journal, angka USD 19 miliar itu tentu saja tidak semuanya dalam bentuk cash. Melainkan terdiri dari USD 12 miliar dalam bentuk saham Facebook, USD 4 miliar cash, serta tambahan USD 3 miliar berupa saham terbatas yang diberikan untuk pendiri WhatsApp dan sejumlah karyawannya.

WhatsApp, si aplikasi pengirim pesan lintas platform, saat ini melayani 450 juta pengguna setiap bulannya. Dimana sekitar 70% di antaranya termasuk dalam pengguna aktif.

Jika dihitung per hari, dilaporkan ada lebih dari 1 juta pendaftar baru di layanan WhatApp.

Meski sudah diakuisisi, Facebook berjanji, WhatsApp bakal tetap beroperasi secara independen dan menggunakan brand yang sudah dirintisnya.

Sementara CEO dan pendiri WhatsApp Jan Koum akan merapat ke jajaran dewan direksi Facebook.

Dengan dibelinya WhatsApp, tentu saja Facebook semakin meraksasa. Sebelumnya, situs yang dirintis Mark Zuckerberg itu telah mengakuisisi Instagram senilai USD 1 miliar pada tahun 2012.



Hacking Facebook Account with just a text message

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Hacking Facebook Account with just a text message

Can you ever imagine that a single text message is enough to hack any Facebook account without user interaction or without using any other malicious stuff like Trojans, phishing, keylogger etc. ?

Today we are going to explain you that how a UK based Security Researcher, “fin1te” is able to hack any Facebook account within a minute by doing one SMS.

Because 90% of us are Facebook user too, so we know that there is an option of linking your mobile number with your account, which allows you to receive Facebook account updates via SMS directly to your mobile and also you can login into your account using that linked number rather than your email address or username.

According to hacker, the loophole was in phone number linking process, or in technical terms, at file /ajax/settings/mobile/confirm_phone.php

This particular webpage works in background when user submit his phone number and verification code, sent by Facebook to mobile. That submission form having two main parameters, one for verification code, and second is profile_id, which is the account to link the number to.

 Hacking Facebook Account with just a text message
As attacker, follow these steps to execute hack:
Change value of profile_id to the Victim’s profile_id value by tampering the parameters.
Send the letter F to 32665, which is Facebook’s SMS shortcode in the UK. You will receive an 8 character verification code back.
Enter that code in the box or as confirmation_code parameter value and Submit the form.

Facebook will accept that confirmation code and attacker’s mobile number will be linked to victim’s Facebook profile.

In next step hacker just need to go to Forgot password option and initiate the password reset request against of victim’s account.

Attacker now can get password recovery code to his own mobile number which is linked to victim’s account using above steps. Enter the code and Reset the password!

Facebook no longer accepting the profile_id parameter from the user end after receiving the bug report from the hacker.



Skype to Facebook Video Calls Finally Possible

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Last summer, Skype and Facebook announced a partnership and a deeper integration. Using Skype technology, Facebook users could have video calls inside the site. But, despite being based on Skype, they couldn’t call a friend using the Skype client or the other way around.

Now though, this has become possible, with the latest beta releases of Skype for Windows and Mac.

Skype users can start a conversation with their Facebook friends from the desktop client. It doesn’t matter whether their friends have the client as well, they can answer from the site and have a video conversation without the platform they use getting in the way.

“Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Facebook has reached yet another milestone with the launch of Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows allowing you to conduct a Facebook-to-Facebook call from within Skype,” Skype announced.

The feature has been a sorely missed one and it’s easy to see why. Without being able to connect with Facebook friends and start a video conversation, the integration wasn’t that useful to existing Skype users.

“Initiating a Facebook-to-Facebook call from within Skype is quite easy; all you need to do is connect your Skype and Facebook accounts. Then, select a Facebook friend and hit the video call button in Skype- your friend simply picks up the call from Facebook,” Skype explained.

If you’ve been using the video call feature on Facebook exclusively, the new addition doesn’t really mean much to you. Since you can start a video call on Facebook without even having a Skype account, the desktop client probably doesn’t mean much to Facebook users.

But there are plenty of Skype users out there and the ability to now chat with many other friends, who you may not have convinced them to join Skype. And now, they don’t have to.




Anonymous Ingin Tumbangkan Facebook

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Lagi-lagi ulah peretas internet Anonymous yang kabarnya ingin mencoba menumbangkan situs jejaring sosial Facebook. Hal ini didasarkan atas pendapat grup ini bahwa data yang tersimpan di Facebook telah disalahgunakan, dengan cara dijual ke pemerintah dan perusahaan keamanan yang bertujuan untuk memata-matai orang.

Menurut video yang diposting oleh Anonymous di YouTube, grup itu akan berusaha melakukan aksi nya pada tanggal 5 November nanti,dan turut mengajak semua orang yang ingin berperan. Namun seperti yang kita ketahui dari akun Twitter @GroupAnon, bahwa tidak semua anggota dari Anonymous ini akan ikut serta,bahkan tidak setuju, dalam proyek kali ini karena ternyata beberapa anggotanya merupakan pegawai Facebook sendiri.

Akankah Anonymous berhasil untuk menumbangkan situs raksasa yang mempunyai 750 juta pengguna? Dan juga mengembalikan reputasinya setelah gagal untuk menumbangkan Amazon?




Update Status Facebook Melalui Google+

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Kalau update status Twitter menjadi status Facebook sepertinya sudah banyak yang menggunakan. Nah status Google+ yang dapat diupdate menjadi status Facebook sepertinya belum banyak yang belum mengetahuinya. Dibawah ini adalah cara-cara mengupdate status Google+ menjadi status Facebook anda, cara ini juga terbuka untuk meng-update status twitter sekaligus.

Untuk mengakali hal tersebut ikuti langkah-langkah berikut:

1. Buka alamat
2. Login
3. Copy-kan alamat email di bawah ulpload via email (No 1)
4. Login ke akun Google+ anda
5. Pilih fasilitas Circle atau lingkaran
6. Pilih tambahkan orang baru, pastekan alamat email , kemudian enter. Berikan Nama dan tambahkan ke lingkaran anda, kemudian simpan. (no.2)
7. Lihat di bawah layar, pilih undang ‘nama yang Anda masukkan di atas’ (no. 3)
8. Kalau berhasil, pada status FB anda akan terlihat seperti no. 4
9. Buat status baru di Google+. Pilih lingkaran di mana nama yang di atas dimasukan. Jangan lupa memberi tanda centang pada ‘kirimkan juga email kepada 1 orang yang belum menggunakan Google+’. Kemudian klik bagikan (no.5)
10. Apabila berhasil status Google+ dan Facebook Anda akan sama (hasil lihat no 6 dan 7)



How to update Facebook in Google+

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Ever since the Google+ beta launched a few weeks ago, obsessive social networkers have complained about the lack of Facebook integration preventing users from cross posting between sites.

Fortunately, an application dubbed “Google+Facebook” created by an Israeli company known as Crossrider aims to solve this problem by allowing Google+ users to view Facebook streams and update their status from within the competing social network.

“It’s something we created in less than a day,” Crossrider co-founder Koby Menachemi told Reuters. “The product is not perfect, yet you can view (Facebook) streams and update your status” while using Google+.

Google+ is Google’s brand spanking new social network designed to compete directly with Facebook.
The nascent platform already has 10 million users, compared to Facebook’s 750 million.

Facebook won’t allow users of its site to import friends, pictures, or other information into Google+ based on the site’s terms of service, a major source of contention for those with an established Facebook presence.

“It’s a site within a site,” Menachemi said about the application. He added that Crossrider hopes to continually improve the service stating, “If users want a feature to post updates on both networks, we will. If they want to comment on their Facebook screen, we will do it.”

Considering both Facebook and Google’s stringent terms of use, it’s quite possible that the application will be shut down or blocked in the coming weeks.

Note: There has been some criticism of the app on Crossrider’s own website, with a number of comments referring to the software as malware. As expected, Menachemi denied the allegation, but emphasized he would not remove the negative comments from the Crossrider site.


Facebook Vibes outed in video calling code, related music service seems a lock

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You never really know what you’re onto until you look, but who knew “looking” involved “digging through source code?” Software guru Jeff Rose had his curiosity piqued yesterday with the proper launch of Facebook Video Calling, and rather than just being satisfied with things working, he took it upon himself to see how exactly things were coming together under the hood. Turns out, the program grabs a startlingly small download link called FacebookVideoCalling.jar, which in turn uses LiveConnect to allow the Java applet to fetch a few other things. This enables the program to source your Facebook user ID (as well as an application ID), and from there, the installer has permission to use two things: a video chat plugin called “peep,” and something else dubbed “vibes.” Curiously enough, only one of those two were launched to the world, so logical skeptics are obviously opining that Facebook has a connected music service up its sleeve. ‘Course, there’s no indication that said service will actually use the Vibes moniker, but we could definitely ponder worse titles. So, Mark — three months from now, another impromptu press event, announcing something even more awesome? We’re so there.



Facebook Luncurkan Group dan Video Chat

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Mark Zukerberg, CEO Facebook, baru saja mengumumkan akan disediakannya beberapa fitur baru di Facebook. Fitur baru ini adalah chat berkelompok, desain antarmuka chat baru, dan integrasi Skype untuk panggilan video.

Pengguna Facebook akan bisa melakukan Group Chat dengan cara memilih beberapa teman secara langsung. Chat berkelompok ini dilakukan dengan cara melakukan chat dengan seorang teman lalu mengundang teman lain untuk bergabung (Add Friends to Chat). Pengguna bisa terus menambah teman untuk chat bareng ini dan tidak akan terganggu oleh pengguna lain yang bukan temannya. Group Chat ini juga tersedia dalam antarmuka untuk perangkat bergerak (mobile) namun mereka tidak bisa menambah teman untuk bergabung dalam chat.



Chat berkelompok ini juga bisa dilakukan dengan teman yang berada dalam satu grup. Menurut Facebook, saat ini sekitar 50% pengguna Facebook masuk dalam grup/kelompok tertentu dengan anggota rata-rata 7 orang.

Desain antarmuka chat juga dirubah agar lebih simpel. Ada sidebar Chat yang akan muncul ketika chat dimulai sehingga ruang untuk mengobrol lebih lega. Selain itu juga ada fitur pembatasan untuk chat. Pengguna akan bisa memilih teman mana saja yang bisa melihat status online mereka untuk diajak mengobrol. Dengan demikian pengguna tidak akan terganggu oleh pesan dari teman lain yang tidak diinginkan jika sedang mengobrol dengan teman satunya.

Fitur baru yang paling canggih adalah chat video melalui Skype. Pengguna perlu mengunduh sebuah plugin yang dipasang di komputer mereka. Pengguna yang belum memiliki plugin akan diminta untuk mengunduh plugin tersebut jika ada temannya yang mengajak mereka melakukan obrolan via video.




Jendela panggilan video ini akan dipisah dari jendela Facebook sehingga pengguna bisa tetap menjelajah Facebook dan situs lain sementara sedang melakukan panggilan video. Panggilan ini juga bisa dilakukan hanya dengan suara jika pengguna tidak memiliki webcam untuk bertatap muka. Pengguna Facebook juga bisa mengirimkan pesan video kepada temannya jika mereka sedang tidak online. Fitur panggilan video ini bisa dijalankan di berbagai browser namun hanya di sistem operasi Mac dan Windows, sementara Linux tidak didukung.

Fitur-fitur ini juga akan digulirkan bertahap dan akan tersedia untuk seluruh pengguna Facebook dalam waktu dekat. Untuk memulai chat video, kunjungi



Facebook reportedly planning new HTML5 platform

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Facebook is organizing its efforts to branch out to the iPhone and iPad, but doesn’t want Apple in its way.

The social networking giant is working on a sweeping new platform designed for devices that use HTML5 – in other words, mobile devices made by Apple.

The website Tech Crunch is citing people “familiar with the project” as calling the new initiative almost like its own operating system.

It’s such a big undertaking that Facebook even created a cool name for it – Project Spartan.

That is to say, once users log into the HTML5-optimized version of Facebook, they’ll be able to run apps, chat, and do pretty much all the social networking activities they regularly need to, without ever opening an actual iPhone app.

The reason, say Tech Crunch’s sources, is to take Apple out of the equation and to “break the stranglehold they have on mobile app distribution.”

HTML5 does exist on other devices, and is slowly emerging to become a mobile standard in online content, but for now it is tied very closely to the iOS operating system and its built-in Safari browser.

Other mobile browsers are actually able to run full Flash content, the standard that has been supported by computers and other devices for much longer.


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