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Yahoo to Shut Down 50 More Products, to Focus on Core Assets

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Yahoo’s new boss Scott Thomson may only be a few months into his job, but he’s made an impact, not necessarily a good one. Yet another reorganization is underway, thousands of people have been laid off and more will be in the future.

Yahoo recently sued Facebook for patent infringement. And now the CEO talks about shutting down some 50 Yahoo properties, this after the previous CEO, Carol Bartz shut down tens of them already.

Thomson made no indication on what those properties were, but he did say that the future of Yahoo is focused on the properties that work, its core assets such as Mail, Finance, Sports and so on.

Mostly, he aims to cut down the things that don’t make money and he warned that there may be a small dip in revenue as a result, but a much bigger increase in profits.



Developer Yahoo Indonesia Dirumahkan, Koprol Ditutup?

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Efek domino terkait rencana Yahoo untuk merumahkan sekitar 2.000 karyawannya di seluruh dunia, juga sampai ke Yahoo Indonesia. Bahkan kabarnya sejumlah developer lokal sudah dirumahkan.

Nah, imbas lain dari kebijakan tidak populis itu adalah rumor mengenai ditutupnya layanan jejaring sosial Koprol. Tidak dalam waktu dekat memang, tapi kemungkinan masih direview dalam beberapa bulan ke depan, demikian kabar yang bergulir. Seperti diketahui, Yahoo membeli Koprol pada tahun 2010 lalu.

Saat dikonfirmasi mengenai hal tersebut, co-founder Koprol yang juga Product Director Yahoo Indonesia Fajar A Budiprasetyo menampik kabar itu.

“Saya belum mendengar mengenai rencana penutupan Koprol tersebut,” jawabnya singkat kepada detikINET, Senin (9/4/2012).

Sementara ketika ditanya mengenai nasib para developer yang turut dirumahkan oleh Yahoo, termasuk dari developer Koprol, Fajar enggan menjawabnya secara tegas. Dia hanya menyebutkan, kabar itu sudah didengarnya sejak beberapa minggu lalu melalui media.

Meski Fajar menolak menyebut bahwa Koprol akan ditutup, isu tidak sedap justru dihembuskan oleh pendirinya yang lain, yakni Satya Witoelar. Dia memposting di blognya beberapa nama pengembang dan desainer Yahoo Koprol.

Dalam postingan tersebut, Satya seakan-akan membuka kesempatan bagi para perusahaan yang ingin merekrut developer Yahoo Koprol tersebut.

Dari daftar tersebut tampak 20 nama developer lengkap dengan profil masing-masing yang ada di Linkedin



Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns after 16 years as “Chief Yahoo”

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Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang

Yahoo on Tuesday announced that co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from Yahoo’s board of directors and all his other positions with the company. The resignation is effective today.

Jerry Yang co-founded Yahoo back in 1995 along with David Filo. Since then, Yang has been very active with the company, serving for a short time as CEO and otherwise maintaining a spot on the board of directors and the cheeky title of “Chief Yahoo.”

It’s been a tumultuous time in Yahoo’s top ranks in recent months: In September, Carol Bartz was abruptly ousted from the CEO spot, and Yahoo was without a chief executive for nearly four months as M&A rumors swirled around the company. Former eBay executive Scott Thompson took the company’s helm in early January, but many industry watchers say he has a tough road ahead to get Yahoo back on track as competition in the tech and new media spaces is tougher than ever.

For some, Yang’s departure may come as a bit of a surprise, as his loyalty to Yahoo has seemed unwavering throughout all the drama — just a few months ago, he was even rumored to be in talks to lead a deal to take the company private. But this also means that now Yahoo can be fully prepared to make a clean start as it works to reestablish itself as an industry leader. Either way, it’s official: Jerry Yang is now on the list of tech founders who have left the companies they helped start.

According to Yahoo’s press release, Yang’s resignation letter to Yahoo board chairman Roy Bostock reads:

“My time at Yahoo!, from its founding to the present, has encompassed some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. However, the time has come for me to pursue other interests outside of Yahoo! As I leave the company I co-founded nearly 17 years ago, I am enthusiastic about the appointment of Scott Thompson as Chief Executive Officer and his ability, along with the entire Yahoo! leadership team, to guide Yahoo! into an exciting and successful future.”



Jerry Yang: Yahoo Akan Dijual

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Salah satu pendiri Yahoo, Jerry Yang telah mengakui kalau perusahannya akan dijual. Sebuah memo internal yang didapatkan oleh Business Insider mengungkapkan kalau direksi Yahoo telah bekerja sama dengan Allen & Company untuk mengisi daftar beberapa pihak yang menyatakan minat membeli dalam angka yang potensial. Yang juga menyarankan kalau perusahaan sekarang sedang dalam proses pencarian CEO permanen pengganti Carol Bartz yang dipecat beberapa minggu lalu.

Yang juga mengindikasikan kalau direksi Yahoo sedang dalam proses meninjau secara luas operasi perusahaan untuk memberikan nilai lebih bagi para pemegang saham. Yang menjelaskan kalau Yahoo sudah memiliki 680 juta pengguna.

Sebelumnya Yang pernah menolak tawaran Microsoft yang ingin membeli Yahoo dengan uang sebesar $44,6 milyar tiga tahun lalu. Ketika itu Yang, yang merupakan fans Apple, sedang mengepalai Yahoo. Waktu itu diklaim kalau tawaran itu ditolak karena penawaran tersebut dirasa kurang banyak. Sejak saat itu, Yahoo dibawah pimpinan Carol Bartz, menandatangani persetujuan mesin pencari dengan desain Microsoft untuk menambah pengguna Yahoo. Tidak diketahui apakah Microsoft masih berminat untuk mengakuisisi Yahoo.



Yahoo Mail Baru Sudah Dirilis Dengan Integrasi Facebook

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Yahoo akhirnya meluncurkan secara final layanan Yahoo Mail baru ke 284 juta penggunanya di seluruh dunia setelah sebelumnya masih berupa versi beta. Versi baru ini memiliki beberapa fitur menarik seperti integrasi dengan Facebook dimana pengguna bisa langsung merespon Facebook mereka langsung dari Yahoo Mail tanpa perlu membuka Facebook di tab lain secara terpisah.

Untuk melihat slideshow dan video pun kini bisa langsung dibuka dari email. Untuk email dari orang yang ada di daftar kontak sekarang akan langsung masuk ke bagian atas inbox sebagai email yang belum dibaca, dan email dari non-kontak akan berada dibawahnya meski diterima lebih dulu. Fitur Yahoo Messenger pun sudah terintegrasi dan layanan YouSendIt juga ikut disertakan Yahoo.

Sama seperti Facebook, Yahoo juga tampaknya ingin agar pengguna mereka lebih lama berinteraksi dengan Yahoo daripada melanglang buana ditempat lain. Yahoo Mail adalah salah satu layanan email gratis terbesar didunia yang melayani 284 juta pengguna dalam 26 bahasa berbeda, termasuk Bahasa Indonesia.




Yahoo Launches Its Answer To Google Instant: ‘Search Direct’

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Yes, Yahoo is launching a new product today that you might actually be interested in. It’s derivative, but it looks useful.

Today at a press event in San Francisco, the company announced the launch of a new product called ‘Search Direct’. It looks a lot like Google Instant: as you start typing a query into Yahoo Search, the site will begin populating results with each new character entered (in other words, you don’t have to hit the ‘return’ key). The feature is now live at

Google Instant, of course, has done something very similar since September. But Yahoo says that Search Direct is looking to help match users with “answers, not links”. As you start typing, a small rectangular widget will slide down from the search bar and show rich results whenever available — do a query for “Derrick”, and you’ll see quick breakdown of basketball player Derrick Rose’s stats. Search for a city and you’ll see weather widgets and nearby sports team schedules — you can jump between these rich results using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Google Instant also shows rich results when possible, but Yahoo Search Direct does seem faster, in part because it isn’t refreshing the whole page.

Asked about how this compares to Google Instant, Yahoo SVP of Search Products Shashi Seth says “They’re very different products. We’re focused on providing answers, not links. Google Instant is focused on providing more links, faster. Not answers. We believe the next generation of search regardless of whether it’s on the web or mobile, they’re looking for answers, not links.” I suspect Google would strongly disagree with this assertion, as the search giant has long been increasing the number of rich results it displays in addition to the ten blue links.

Asked about how Yahoo provides its results so quickly, Shashi says that they are generated by a completely different infrastructure from its normal search servers. The infrastructure is “significantly smaller” — Yahoo is using around 15 categories of data, but says it could eventually expand to include “hundreds of categories”. Some of the categories at this point: sports, music, celebrities, weather, news, shopping, local.

Yahoo will be monetizing the new features by allowing advertisers to embed images or videos in the right-pane (run a query for Gap, and you might see a YouTube ad for the Gap in this rich content area). Which seems to defeat the purpose (if I’m expecting rich, contextual results, I don’t want them to be completely replaced by an ad), but it sounds like Yahoo is still experimenting with these.

Shashi says that this will be eventually be available on the iPad, where they say it will be especially useful. This isn’t available yet and will look different when it does launch.

Yahoo EVP, Chief Product Officer Blake Irving says that while Yahoo has outsourced part of its search efforts, it still knows that “search matters. It matters to customers, and it matters to us. Microsoft is doing our paid search and algorithmic backend.” But he says that frees Yahoo’s engineers up to work on other improvements. He also mentioned that you might see this appearing on websites outside of

    Some other notes:

  • Yahoo does want to incorporate Facebook results into its search
  • Yahoo is experimenting with introducing more search features, displaying results based on what friends have searched for/shared
  • The Q&A has circled back to Google Instant a couple times. Shashi acknowledges that Google has in fact tried to include richer results beyond the 10 blue links, but says that Yahoo will present rich results for a much broader number of queries.
  • Irving says “Lots” of people are working on search
  • As far as integration of other sites, Irving says that the algorithmic backend pushes data from Associated Content, licensed content, and original content from Yahoo’s own site (third party publishers will also be adding their data).
  • Yahoo has plans to bring the Direct Search experience elsewhere, though the plans sound vague at this point. Shashi says Yahoo hopes to let users integrated it into their browser chrome and search boxes elsewhere on the web



Geser Yahoo, Bing Kini Search Engine No.2 di Dunia

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Menurut perusahaan analisis web StatCounter, di bulan Januari kemarin Bing telah menggeser Yahoo dari posisi kedua search engine yang paling banyak digunakan di seluruh dunia.

Meski begitu bukan berarti Bing lantas sudah menempeli Google. Bila melihat data statistik Google tetap tidak terkalahkan dengan pangsa pasar global sebesar 89.94%, sementara disusul oleh Bing sebesar 4.37%, dan Yahoo sebesar 3.93%. Ini juga merupakan pertama kalinya Google jatuh di bawah angka 90% sejak Agustus 2009.

Perbedaan angka yang besar ini setidaknya masih menjamin superioritas Google hingga 5 bahkan 10 tahun yang akan datang. Apalagi melihat banyaknya inovasi yang ditawarkan Google di layanan search enginenya. Selain itu kemenangan Mirosoft Bing terhadap Yahoo juga sepertinya tidak begitu berpengaruh, mengingat Bing juga mentenagai hasil pencarian Yahoo di berbagai negara seperti Amerika, Kanada, Australia, Brazil, dan Meksiko.

Di Amerika sendiri,Yahoo masih memiliki kepemimpinan terhadap Bing dengan menguasai pangsa pasar 9.74% sedangkan Bing hanya 9.03%. Google menguasai 79.63% pangsa pasar di Amerika. Apakah Google harus takut dan waspada pada search engine besutan Microsoft ini?




Yahoo Mail Rombak Diri, Integrasikan Facebook dan Twitter

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Setelah mengalami stagnasi selama beberapa waktu, Yahoo akhirnya merombak layanan email miliknya. Perubahan ini merupakan perubahan paling signifikan dalam lima tahun terakhir yang menjanjikan pengalaman email yang lebih cepat, aman, dan lebih sosial.

Perubahan terbesar pada Yahoo Mail saat ini adalah adanya integrasi Facebook dan Twitter dalam sebuah halaman tabulasi baru. Pengguna akan bisa mengikuti apa yang dilakukan seorang kontak di Facebook dan Twitter termasuk melakukan update status maupun melakukan tweet. Selain itu, Yahoo juga mengintegrasikan YouTube, Flickr, dan Picasa sehingga Yahoo Mail bisa melayani segala keinginan pengguna dari satu halaman.

Antarmuka yang ditampilkan tidak terlalu berubah dari versi sebelumnya. Dengan demikian pengguna Yahoo tidak akan merasa asing. Yahoo juga menjanjikan antamuka dan pengalaman yang mirip ketika pengguna mengakses Yahoo Mail lewat iPhone, iPad ataupun dari perangkat Android.



Google dan Yahoo Juga Didesak Bangun Server

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Setelah mendesak Research in Motion (RIM) agar mau membangun server BlackBerry di Indonesia, pemerintah Indonesia juga akan mendesak Google dan Yahoo.

“Arahnya ke sana. Setelah RIM, kami juga akan minta Yahoo, Google, dan lainnya untuk bangun server di Indonesia,” kata Plt Dirjen Postel Kementerian Kominfo Muhammad Budi Setiawan usai jumpa pers di kantor Kominfo, Jakarta, Selasa (10/8/2010).

Menurut Budi, permintaan ini masih terkait aspek legalitas berdasarkan UU No. 11/2008 yang mewajibkan penyelenggara telekomunikasi baik lokal maupun asing harus mendirikan server di Indonesia.

Sementara untuk kasus BlackBerry, pemerintah masih menunggu respons atas surat yang dikirim ke RIM di Kanada tentang desakan untuk membangun server BlackBerry di Indonesia.

Namun Plt Dirjen Postel meyakini bahwa pembicaraan soal server tersebut akan segera ditindaklanjuti setelah RIM membuka kantor perwakilannya di Jakarta.

“RIM akan buka representatif office bulan ini di Kuningan, Jakarta. Setelah itu mereka baru akan membicarakan server di Indonesia. Kami harap bisa tahun ini juga,” pungkasnya.



Yahoo Goes All In With Facebook: Here Are The Screenshots

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Tomorrow Yahoo will announce a relaunch of Yahoo Profiles and their “all in” integration with Facebook Connect, including on the Yahoo home page. We’ve all known deep integration with Facebook was coming, but until now it wasn’t clear exactly how deeply Yahoo would go.

The answer – pretty deep. Users will be able to log into Facebook right on the Yahoo home page as well as other places throughout Yahoo, like mail. Most interactions on Yahoo will, like leaving comments on stories and status updates in mail and on the home page, will give users the option of posting that content as well to Facebook.

All of this goes hand in glove with the recent privacy updates and move from a friend to a follower model within Yahoo.

The new Yahoo Profiles will be called Yahoo Pulse. More than 15 Yahoo sites are included. Here’s part of the official announcement:

Facebook Integration – Yahoo! has reached an important milestone in its partnership with Facebook. Starting globally today, people who use both Yahoo! and Facebook can link their accounts and view and share updates with friends across both networks. People who connect their accounts can consume their Facebook newsfeed on the Yahoo! homepage and in Yahoo! Mail and other Yahoo! sites and services. Additionally, people who create and share content on Yahoo! sites – including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Flickr, and many Yahoo! entertainment sites, such as omg!, Yahoo! TV, and Yahoo! Movies – can easily share their contributions across Facebook. Additional integrations will be ongoing.

A Refresh of Yahoo! Profiles – Launched in October 2008, Yahoo! Profiles has allowed people to manage their identity and activities across Yahoo! from a central location. Today, Yahoo! has refreshed the experience to make its privacy settings easier to use and to give people a central dashboard to manage the external social network accounts and apps that they have linked to Yahoo!, starting with Facebook and with others to come later this year. Yahoo! Profiles has been renamed Yahoo! Pulse to better reflect its broader ability to manage settings, privacy, and account links. The updated experience is available at

The screenshots tell much of the story. Here are a few that Yahoo supplied last week in a briefing:


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